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Double Edge Filet Flexible Blade Knife by Eagle River Knife Co.

Double Edge Filet Flexible Blade Knife by Eagle River Knife Co.


Natural Brown
New Earth

Perfect for quick filleting those silvers on the Deshka; Alaskan fishermen and women approved. Super sharp for delicate, precise slicing. Flexible blade. Perfect for packing for day hikes, kayak excursions or to keep in the camper, will be your go-to filet knife.

Keep in mind, no two knives are identical, they're sisters, not twins; which makes our sets even that much more special and unique. Guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Wood Handles - We hand make our handles using Dymondwood® which is a dyed, resin impregnated, pressurized, laminate hardwood. The wood is heated in a vacuum and the air and natural oils replaced with the colors you see. The wood is then layered and bonded with a phenolic resin under tremendous pressure. The process creates large blocks of wood that are four times stronger than hardwood, water proof and fire resistant. We then cut and shape the wood to create the beautiful handles you see.

Steel - Our knives are made of the highest quality proprietary Stainless steel. The steel is produced exclusively in the USA. The steel is heat treated for maximum performance at 1950 degrees F, and it's tempered to 400 degrees F. Followed with a cryogenic cycle cools the blades to -320 degrees F to refine the grain structure and add strength and flexibility. This steel is like no other, in it's quality and performance. 

Sharpening - Our steel is harder than most, we recommend a diamond, ceramic, or our REDI-EDGE sharpener. Use a 15 degree angle on each side or 30 degrees inclusive. Do not use a standard preset sharpening device. 

Store - after washing with soap and water, never the dishwasher, dry and store in leather sheath or knife block. 

Lifetime Warranty.