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Davines Gift Set for Smoothing Hair Holiday 2020

Davines Gift Set for Smoothing Hair Holiday 2020


Each set comes in a beautiful reusable gift box made with 100% FSC recycled paper, designed by Davines salon owner Kevin Wilson of Salon Del Mar in Santa Fe - just add a bow! These will sell out and our very limited.

LOVE SMOOTHING SHAMPOO: Gentle cleansing for smooth, soft and shiny hair. Anti-frizz effect. Natural active ingredients.

LOVE SMOOTHING CONDITIONER: It tames unruly and frizzy hair. Smooth, elastic and shiny hair. It eliminates the frizz effect. Natural active ingredients.

OI ALL IN ONE MILK: Super bright and soft hair. Detangling and anti-frizz moisturizing effect. Antioxidant and heat pro.

Made in Italy with {love}.

A salon exclusive: holiday sets of best-selling products that save you 25% off retail value.