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Feather's Nest Beauty & Gift Box

Feather's Nest Beauty & Gift Box

$125.00 $250.00

We're trying something new and fun - YOU will have an opportunity to experience and give feedback on new items we're considering bringing to our "nest" but, we want you to try them, use them, and let us know if you'd "Love it" or "List it" one of my fav shows - with your feedback, we will decide to carry the exclusive items or not at the Studio. 

The "nest' box will come with full descriptions, maker information, and an online questionnaire that you answer after trying out the new items! Easy peasy! Once questionnaire is filled out, you will have access to a special code for a discount on the next month's nest. We {love} our Chicks!

Each "nest" will have at least $250 worth of beauty and gift items. Think, tech gadgets, skin care, make-up, hair care, perfume, home goods, clothing, food & drink items too! 

The monthly "nests" will include exclusive item(s), designed and created for that Month's Nest by local business woman in our community - like a hand drawn sticker, or face mask or . . . . . you get the idea! These items with exclusive designs will not be available for purchase outside the nest; exclusively for that month's Nester's!

Best of all - items will be Made in the USA by small-batch companies!

Here are some of our Feather fav currently, to give you an idea of what you're in for. Enjoy. 

Each month's box will be themed and a portion of the sales will go to a non-profit associated with that month's theme. So far we have donated to:

Alaska Sea Life Center

Women In the Trades Alaska