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Foamie Hibiscus Shampoo Bar for Damaged Hair

Foamie Hibiscus Shampoo Bar for Damaged Hair


 The elegant Hibiscus Shampoo Bar provides strength, elasticity and repairs damage to bleached or coloured hair. Your hair will be left with the sweet scent of hibiscus all day long thanks to our cold-pressed formulation. Best used with our Hibiscus Conditioner Bar.

Place the shampoo bar under running water, and rub between the hands to create a lather.
Foamie Shampoo BarApply the lather to the hair, from roots to ends. Alternatively, run the shampoo bar directly down the hair.
Foamie solid shampooRinse the hair, and hang your shampoo bar up to dry or store within our FOAMIE Travel Buddy.

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