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Forest Life Creations Black & White Ebony Earrings

Forest Life Creations Black & White Ebony Earrings


Gorgeous hand-made by Dean of Forest Life Creations in Washington. These Black & White Ebony wood earrings are 2.5" long and will make a statement. 

From Dean himself: My unique jewelry is handmade, inspired by the voices within the wood. I learned at a young age to see the small things in nature, and what better way to share with you what I see, than through using the organic refuse of our society to bring to you natures secrets.
The wood I use is mostly reclaimed from the recycle bins of wood working schools, luthier and cabinet making shops. This is Eco friendly jewelry that is light weight, organic, but still elegant.

It’s different, it’s mysterious, it’s made for you…yeah these are some epic earrings that you will love to wear, I do, I have 6 pairs in my personal collection.