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Five Wrap Leather Hand-Tied Bracelet "Greece"

Five Wrap Leather Hand-Tied Bracelet "Greece"


Materials: Crystal, Jade, Grey Jade, Genuine Leather

Five Wrap Bracelet Greece will take you away to the shores of a beach in Greece - crystal blue to teal green with a light silver gray leather hand-tied beads. Gorgeous! 

All wraps are handmade with genuine leather and semi-precious stones that come from all over the world. The crystals are glass-cut and the nuggets and lizou button are plated with sterling silver, 24k gold, rose gold, and gun metal.

As a general rule, our wraps are well made and last a very long time if taken care of well. We highly recommend that you remove them before swimming and showering, and to not expose them to chemicals such as perfume and lotion, as they will lead to tarnishing the metal and breaking of the thread that holds the wraps together.

The leather will mold to your wrist, becoming comfortable over time, like a true friend that you know well.