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Hair Scarf/Wrap by Lindsay Brook Designs

Hair Scarf/Wrap by Lindsay Brook Designs



Perfect for your hike up Flat Top or running errands around town when the dry shampoo just wouldn't do! This Lindsay Brook hair scarf is made from 100% cotton fabric and measures 3 inches wide and 58 inches long. Each hair scarf is designed to wrap twice around most heads, and can be tied in a wide variety of ways. #lindsaybrookb to see some fav ways to wear. 

A helpful infographic is included in the packaging of each hair scarf, for style inspiration! Hair scarves are the season’s most popular hair accessory, and are infinitely washable and wearable.

Lindsay Brook, as a company, grew up in the everyday chaos of a creative life well-lived. Our aesthetic is quirky, but classic; bold, but always with a nod to the more sublime; modern, with an eye on the past. Lindsay Brook accessories are made with passion for color and quality textiles, and we hope to share our joy with you, in creating the perfect accessories to complete your extraordinary occasions.

Handmade with {love} in Alabama! Is it me or when I say Ala-bam-a I unconsciously use a southern drawl or picture Forest Gump saying it? Yeah, probably just me . . . . I've got lots of time on my hands to imagine many things these days, and yes, I'm talking out loud to myself while typing this out.