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Instant Craft Cocktail Gift Set

Instant Craft Cocktail Gift Set


You now have all your bar necessities in one cube! Make an instant cocktail: let a cube saturate in a shot or two of liquor, muddle, or dilute with water, cheers!

A complete set of all of our mini LUXE SPIRITS Sugar Cubes:

Manhattan -  add your fav bourbon and ice

Moscow Mule - add your fav vodka, club soda and muddled lime - yum!

Old Fashioned - add your fav rye whiskey and stir on ice


Manhattan: cane sugar, natural vermouth extract, black cheery extract, angostura bitters, spiced cherry bitters, natural orange oil, natural caramel dye & natural beet dye.

Old Fashioned: cane sugar, natural orange oil, spiced cherry bitters, tartaric acid, angostura bitters, orange peel & organic orange dye.

Moscow Mule: cane sugar, organic ginger juice, natural lime juice, natural lime oil, tartaric acid & organic ginger.