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The Janis Earring

The Janis Earring


In honor of Janis Joplin. Free spirited, fun with a lot of movement. Think 60's with a modern, unique twist. We love them and their {feathers}. Wear with pride, and burn that bra, and smoke a joint, dance in the rain, attend music festivals, be a free bird.

Handmade with {love} in Idaho by Unique Twist.

We are not condoning smoking marijuana, it has intoxicating effects and can be harmful if you're pregnant or want to be pregnant or have been pregnant or even thought you may have wanted to be pregnant or even said the word "pregnant'. Don't do drugs. Unless you want to, then ok, it's your body. It's legal so if you're over 21 do it. Or don't. Just have fun and be safe. And, don't do drugs. Or do if they're prescribed, then it's ok. Be a free bird y'all!